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This is a scratch built model of the Western Maryland Station in Cumberland.  It is based on plans that appeared in Model Railroader Magazine in January of 2000.  I'm using Plastruct brick sheet and Evergreen v-groove siding, along with numerous bits and pieces.  The next challenge here is to build masters for each of the 6 different window styles, the loading doors in the basement, and the dormers so I can begin casting them.  The station will have a prominent location, so I will also be adding a number of interior details and lighting. 

The prototype station still stands, although it has been altered somewhat from its 1970 appearance to meet the needs of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, which uses it to originate its excursions.  My model will depict how it appeared in 1970, with no elevator shaft or outside passenger platform.

Coming Soon:

Wall Layouts

Etched Windows, Doors and Dormers

Prototype Photos



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