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This model was built in 1994 while I was still in the employ of 84 Lumber.  It's based loosely on the store I worked in, although that store did not have a rail siding.  I did work earlier at a store in Dundalk, Maryland that did, though, but we only took a railcar delivery one time.  Being the resident slobbering railfan, I was nominated to unload a box car full of studs.  I only dumped one hack of lumber on the ground, and I gained a great deal of respect for the people who load and unload freight cars for a living.

loading up

Ah, yes... I can hear it now... "Don't worry, I don't have to go far!"  My favorite part of this project was detailing the yard.

84 Lumber

The front dock includes the stacks of studs, drywall and plywood, as well as some windows that must have been screwed up on an order.  Some buckets of roof tar and a pallet of cement are on the far left.


Stacks of plywood and lumber are ready to load in the back yard under the lumber shed.  


The yard jockey sets a hack of lumber on the flatbed while the store manager gives directions to the driver.

sheds and slides

Sample sheds and play sets are displayed in the front parking lot under the familiar "lollipop" sign.

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Scratch built from Evergreen styrene and a variety of detail parts, this store is loosely based on one I worked at in the late '90's.

84 Lumber